Monday 27 June 2016

Naturally Colorful Cosmetics- By Michelle Lina Patti

Now this is something that I am really excited about! 
Naturally Colorful Cosmetics, an all natural makeup line made in Florence, Italy, by my friend Michelle Patti.
A few days ago I sat down with Michelle to talk about her new adventure in the makeup industry and why she chose to take the all-natural path. Here is her story:

" I started the line while in need of inspiration,
and wanted to create a world for myself where
I could be messy, artistic and colorful.
The added bonus to the former is that I have
the opportunity to incorporate my love of invention, chemistry and design to this adventure.
I invent and modify the recipes in order to offer
you a high-quality, all natural product which
is gentle enough for all different skin types."

- Michelle Lina Patti
Founder of Naturally Colorful Cosmetics

What I love about Naturally Colorful Cosmetics is the simple ingredient list. Michelle uses only a few ingredients in her products for a maximum healthy and natural result that is gentle enough for all different skin types and the ingredient list is very simple. In other words, you don't have to google the names of the ingredients to understand what the product is made of. 

All Lip gloss and Lip Stains are infused with vitamin A and E, which leaves them hydrated and soft. The difference between the lip stain and gloss is that the stain has a thicker consistency with a fuller cover and rich colors, while the gloss is thinner and has a great shine. 
I use the stain for a dramatic look and the gloss for a romantic natural effect. Either way, you'll end up with kissable lips with both products!

Michelle also makes mineral blush and eye shadows in all different types of shades. The best part about these mineral powders is that they are versatile. Mixed with water they can be used as vibrant eye liners, the golden shade can be used as a highlighter and if used as-are they give a really natural and subtle look.

If you want to know more about the line you can follow michelles instagram page @nc_cosmetics_by_mlpatti
or visit her etsy store.

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