Thursday 4 August 2016

Best friend pampering

Even our four legged furry friends need some chemical free pampering. Since dogs have a different Ph level than us humans, we can't use the same shampoo on them as we use for ourselves. You might think that the gentle organic shampoo you use to clean your hair would work great on your puppy too but the truth is; using a human shampoo on a dog can cause a rash, skin irritation, dull hair and flaky, itchy skin. 
I have tried a lot of different pet grooming brands and I have finally found the perfect match for my spoiled Pomeranian, Leo. I actually find this shampoo, Doggie Sudz by Austin Rose Inc, to be even better than the normal chemical filled pet shampoos. It doesn't smell a lot, it's vegan certified and is gentle enough to be used as often as you need. All i need to clean Leo's fur is a small teaspoon of shampoo and since he has long and fluffy fur that easily tangles, the fact that this shampoo conditions as well is a great time saver and leaves his fur beautiful, shiny and soft. 

... And how cute is the bottle?!?

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