Wednesday 7 September 2016

New colors from NC Cosmetics

I just received my new order from NC Cosmetics! I have written about Michelle and her new makeup brand NC Cosmetics before and since I love her products so much I decided to order some more from her etsy shop! I decided to try some lighter shades of lipgloss and some fall inspired green eye shadows. I also got an eyeshadow primer which is great when using mineral eye shadows. The problem with mineral eye shadows is that they tend to spread out during the day and a primer will help fix the powder. Another thing I discovered about the eyeshadow primer from NC Cosmetics is that it really makes the colors pop, as you can see on the last picture in this post!

NC Cosmetics lipgloss and eye shadow

Lip Stain, left: Sky
Lipgloss, right: Nectar

My NC Cosmetics eyeshadow collection, from left to right,
1. Gold 2. Clay 3. Armed 4. Kryptonite

The eyeshadows with and without the eyeshadow primer. You can see how the primer intensifies the colors! A tip, dab an angles eyeliner brush in the primer and then in the eyeshadow to make a fun colored eyeliner!

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